On Site Workouts in Computational Finance

After the  workout in London we received inquiries for individual workouts focussing on special topics.

We are pleased to customize  workouts referring to all tasks related to the valuation of financial instruments, risk analysis and some aspects of risk management.

We emphasize on the numerically quality of software that in our observation varies widely in financial institutions. Some of our recommended schemes are not so common in financial circles.

We work out strengths and weaknesses of different methods, and reveal traps in their applications. In our sessions we use real-world examples.

An explorative, constructive learning style

We offer workouts, because it is our strong belief that learning about computational methods shall be explorative with practical hands-on sessions. Live examples are written in the declarative UnRisk Financial Language atop the Wolfram Language that allow for insightful symbolic manipulation of instruments, models and methods.

It is for quants, who like the free style of quant work, but want to stay strong and agile.